Barn NameMajor
LocationNorth Carolina, United States
BreedTennessee Walking
DisciplinesPleasure trail riding

About MajorDespite the fact that he is spoiled rotten, Major is a sweet horse and is eager to please. He loves going out on trail rides. He is deathly afraid of those horse eating cows, though.
ActivitiesMajor's favorite activity is training me to give him treats :-) Besides nickering when he sees me coming and looking at me with those soft brown eyes, he has also learned to give me kisses. He has also been know to enjoy some hand grazing and a good roll in the dirt after a bath.
Favorite Foodapples & all things apple flavored
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From TrailRiderr on 03/20/13
Aww, love Major!! I have a black TWH too :)
From HorseGirlFive on 09/15/12
What a cutie! :D
From Failbhe on 08/09/12
he looks like a real sweetheart. :)
From mom2pride on 01/01/10
Hey how's it going? Major is so darned adorable!
From mom2pride on 07/13/09
He's such a handsome guy! How's training going?
From SpiritJordanRivers on 06/09/09
He's so cute! I have a TN Walker too :)
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