Barn NameCowboy
Registered NameJust Call Me Cowboy
LocationKentucky, United States
Age12 years, 3 months old
Acquired03/04/2012 (8 years ago)
Head MarkingsStar
DisciplinesShow jumping

About CowboyWell, hello there! How are you doing? Good? Great! I like to see happy people. Hey, is that paper crinkling in your pocket? Is that ... is that a peppermint? For me? D'aw, you shouldn't have! They are my favorite! I'll love you forever for feeding me that peppermint! I'll tell you a little about myself, but my owner is taking me out for a ride in a second, so we'll have to make it quick! First off, my name is Cowboy. Er ... I think... you see, my owner calls me all sorts of names! Nicknames, she calls them, but I don't mind. She can call me whatever she wants, for she is really very kind to me. Since she does take care of me so well, I make sure I care for her too. I'm just that kind of guy, ya know? Well, here she comes now. We will have to catch up again later. Nice meeting you!
ActivitiesEating, Riding, being a horse
Favorite FoodPeppermint
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From lilymaggie on 04/07/15
He's gorgeous!
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