Barn NameSugar
LocationMandan, North Dakota, United States
BreedMissouri Fox Trotter
Age8 years, 3 months old
Acquired04/06/2012 (8 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlue eyes, Snip, Star, Stripe
Leg MarkingsCoronet, Socks & Stockings

About SugarSugar was born on Good Friday this year, and is absolutely darling! We all love her very much. She is at the moment one of the favorite babies at the stable. Sugars daddy is a paint, but what color for sure is undetermined because he hadn't completely shed out yet. After some speculation, we believe him to be smoky black because of Sugars coloring. Sugar has two bright blue eyes, almost white in some light! She is beautiful, and I have unexpectedly fallen in love with her
Activitiesbeing a baby, napping, and eating
Favorite Foodher mamas milk
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From ParaIndy on 03/29/13
She is so beautiful!!! More pictures please;)
From Reno Bay on 07/10/12
If her change color as she get older it will be easier to tell what color she is. If they stay blue then I'm tempted to say she's either cremello or pinto light/white palomino. She's so cute! It makes me want to call the breeder of my boy and see if he has baby photos/video laying around...
From HorseLovinLady on 04/22/12
Such a precious filly!!
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