Barn Namezulu
LocationWashington, United States
BreedIrish Draught

About zuluZulu is not my horse. His owner kindly lets me ride him once or twice a week. He is very sweet , gentle giant, only 7 years old, so sometimes a bit of a baby. He can jump much higher than I am willing to try, but he will take me happily over a small log on the trails. I am trying to work with him on dressage right now.

He is actually an Irish Sport horse. His sire is "King of Hearts", an Irish draught owned by Joe Montana of football fame. his dam is a Selle Francais (thoroughbred basically).
Favorite Food
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From BlindHorseEnthusiast4582 on 07/01/16
He's beautiful. I love big horses, and I'd love to ride one like him!
From EliRose on 10/14/14
Fun fact - the stallion at my boarding farm is another son of King of Hearts, Jack of Hearts! He looks a lot like Z. There are tons of pics of him online, he is a WONDERFUL eventer and eventing sire! Sweetest horse too.
From MusicalHoofBeats on 10/15/13
He's huge! Wow, very gorgeous!
From Clevelandbays64 on 09/17/13
He's a gorgeous horse!!....
From mirage790 on 01/05/13
What a handsome guy! But 17 hands! OMG, I'm only 5 ft tall. I could probably look right under him without even bending down! lol
From cakemom on 09/24/12
What a cute boy! I'm a sucker for an Irish Draught.
From winstonsgrl on 06/28/12
Very cute! You two are a great match. :)
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