Barn NameRocket
LocationUnited States
BreedAmerican Saddlebred

About RocketHis favorite things to do are to play with the bit, eat, and run in the pastures. He also likes to pick up his front legs one at a time and hold them against his body. It's pretty weird but really annoying when I try to clean his socks.
ActivitiesTrained in Saddle seat, huntseat, and western. Maybe jumping soon.
Favorite FoodGrain
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From BarneyBabby on 03/30/09
He will be great! He needs alittle more weight but thats not saying much. Most saddlebreds do. Hes realy is beautiful! Good luck
From tempest on 01/31/09
I've had him for about three months, but I actually borrow him. I don't own him but I pay for the shows and all that come with them, but his owners pay for everything else. It's different from leasing. Currently I'm training him to be a Saddle seat/Huntseat horse. He's still green broke.
From tempest on 01/31/09
He's got his winter coat right now, so he'll be a little fuzzy in the next pictures I bring up of him.
From bumble on 01/31/09
haha, you're right, it's a little dark, but he's gorgeous! my second time ever riding a horse, my instructor put me on a Saddlebred, and ever since then they've been my favorite breed! I leased one about 2 years ago. they have so much personality. how long have you had him?
From tempest on 01/30/09
It's a really bad picture. I'll get a new one.
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