Barn NameLicorice
LocationOntario, Canada
Age14 years, 4 months old
Acquired04/23/2011 (9 years ago)
Head MarkingsStar
Leg MarkingsPastern

About LicoriceLicorice was the first horse I ever bought. He's a Friesian/standardbred cross. Six hundred dollars for never ending frustrations, four hours sitting in a trailer, countless falls, and a very good friend. He's quite passive aggressive and sooo lazy, but he has a good heart and would never hurt someone intentionally. He gets emotional when he throw you off and immediately stops when you fall. He may be as useless as a box of rocks, but I wouldn't sell him for all the money in the world
ActivitiesLots of western riding, trail riding, dressage, and bareback. Hoping to possibly start jumping, but I think I'm pushing my luck ;)
Favorite FoodEverything.
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From Ash27 on 03/12/13
wow, isnt he lovely
From nikyplushbreyer on 01/29/13
he is sooooo pretty you should let his mane grow out so you can braid it like Friesian dressage riders do
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