Barn NameClover
Locationmayville, Michigan, United States

About Cloverwhen i first bought clover i had no idea what i ha gotten myself into, she was mean and hateful, had no manners and was crazy. she would chase you, trample you and do anything she could to keep you away from her. eeryoe was afraid of her and was telling me she was worthless and should be sent to slaughter. after a few months of fighting with her some hospital visits and hard work, she is now one of the calmest horses i have, of course she is mustang and has her moments but its in her blood so u cant rly help that. i go out in teh pasture now and she meets me at hte gate, i jump on her back with a halter and a lead rode and ride for hrs down the road. glad i didnt give up on her i knew she would get out of it somehow and i just had to work it outta her, thinking about her then and looking at her now its like shes a total different horse.
Activitieswanting her do barrels, right now shes just a road ride and possible halter show, but still working with her training

UPDATE(march,18,2013) -
shes doing better, i ride her at 4h and plan on starting her with her loping this spring :)
Favorite Foodanything edible
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From maeghan hoffman on 03/21/13
Love your horse!
From mirage790 on 01/05/13
Being a mustang, was she fresh off the range? Did you ever consider maybe she was just scared for her life?
From mirage790 on 01/05/13
Being a mustnag, was she ever handled before you got her? maybe she was only wild and frightened.
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