Barn NameDirty Rose
Registered NameTuffs Fancy Dirty Girl
Locationmayville, Michigan, United States
Age13 years, 2 months old

About Dirty RoseDirty Rose was bought a few years ago as a family horse, when i got into 4h she became my 4h project and was turned into a pretty much everything from barrels to western pleasure, reining, cutting, poles, and everything else, until we noticed her limping in the pasture one day, we called the vet and was told that she had a bad sprain in her ankle and can never be used in speed again, so tehre goes half her career, no she is just a road ride for my brother until i can somehow get her treated fully and correctly so she can do what she wants to do and what she was bred to do.. barrels/poles. i feel bad becus shes not supposed to run at all or do sharp twists and turns, and now that im working with my other horse on barrels rose is always by the gate watching and she has that look in her eye like she wants to run so bad but ik i cant let her, everytime she sees the barrels or poles she perks up and her eyes get all excited i feel bad becus im not letting her do it and she really wants to...


Mom gave up on waiting for her to heal and gave her away :'( I miss her everytime I ride, look out to the pasture, and walk into the barn. I no longer can here her whinny when I walk out the door for school in the morning or when I get off the bus.. I miss her and I just want her back home where she belongs...
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From horsecrazygirl13 on 04/12/13
Sweet mare. In that last pic, she looks alot like my gelding, Duke.
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