Barn NameSoupy(Avery)
Locationcopper beach farms, Michigan, United States
Body MarkingsFlecking or Ticking

About Soupy(Avery)Soupy now was a OTTB, when i got him the people were using him for barrel racing and thats what i was getting into was speed, so thats why i wanted him, when i got him home he was a little much to handle so we traded him for Dirty Rose my paint QH mare that i now have, when i went to look at avery he had cuts and scars all over him and the guy said it was from the other horses beating him up, come to find out it was from barbed wire that the guy had been hitting soupy with, and he had a hard lump on the back of his hock which the guy said was an old injury and didnt bother the horse at all, however when i traded soupy for rose the lady i traded with got him vet checked and come to find out he wasnt even supposed to be rode at the time becus of the injury on him leg was never healed, now soupy is in a good home with a new life, new name , and new loving owners, he has been vet checked and his leg is healed comp. and he is now being used as a lesson horse for kids and is being used as a jumping horse for his new owner.
Favorite Food
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