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Barn NameFollow Ur FaithFul Destynee
Registered Namenot registered
Locationmayville, Michigan, United States
Age9 years, 2 months old
Head MarkingsStar
DisciplinesBareback, Gaited performance, Gaited pleasure, Halter, Roadster, Show horse

About Follow Ur FaithFul Destyneei got Dest from a lady that didnt want her anymore, she will be 2 on memorial day 2013, i got her with hopes of turing her into a speed horse when she is old enough but turns out that she doesnt have the right body build for a speed horse, she is tall and very long legged which would make her fast but she is long which wouldnt be good for the spinning and twisting..... now hoping she will make a good jumping horse

Sale info:
Destynee is a very friendly curious filly. She stands to gt her feet done but is a little edgy abot her hinds being done. She doesnt like loading but is fine once in the trailer. Stands tied to the post and is good in a stall or small enclosed area. She is still spooky abot things bt shes still young and has alot to learn. I have put the saddle and bridle on her tk gt her used to the feel of it and shes fine. Shes to young to put any weight on her yet. Whoever buys her must stay inconact with me and if it doesnt work out or u have to for any reason sell her u must contact me first. The only reaspn im selling her becus well i show in speed and my speed horse turned up lame and the one my dad bought me to use for speed is comming along well but isnt willing to run barrels and do speed stuff and is giving me issues about it and if it dossnt want to do it im not gunna push him into it and pt either him or me in danger becus he doesnt wanna do it. So im meeding a new speed horse. I will do a trade for another horse also. It dossnt have to be completely trained for speed events but i would like it to be willing to learn and willing to do what i ask. I will take no less then $275 for Destynee as the money would be going toward a new horse if i dont do a trade. With some work Des will make a good horse for someone who is willing to put the time and effort into her. Im willing to do it and i want to do it shes my little girl but as it turns out shes gaited and wouldnt work out with the plans i had for her... plus with me nedding a speed horse my only choise is to sell or trade Des. To good home only you can contact me at [email protected] i dont gt on here much so emailing me is best. Thanks
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