Barn NameRanger Danger
Locationmayville, Michigan, United States
BreedQuarter Pony
Head MarkingsStar
Leg MarkingsPartial pastern

About Ranger DangerRanger was my accual first pony, i got him when i was 10, he was very special to me as he was my first pony, i had horses in the past before him but they werent mine they where my moms and Ranger was accually mine and i could do anything with him that i wanted :) i loved him, i used to dress him up in leg warmers and stuff lol, i started barrels with him and he pretty much tought me how to ride, i was a starter pretty much when i got him and he was the extra boost i needed to increase my confidence, the horsesi rode before i got him were all old tired pasture horses that u could randomly go jump on and they would just stand there or walk around. im glad i had ranger there to help me out with my riding. i outgrew ranger when i turned 15 and my mom said i should sell him and get something bigger and more advanced so taking my moms word i did..... worst decision ever, i miss ranger more than anything and wish i still had him..... someday i swear ill have him back though.......
Activitiesranger was started on barrels and poles but was pretty much just a trail/road pony
Favorite Foodanything chocolate
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