Barn Name(Justin) SS Just Like Clockwork

About (Justin) SS Just Like ClockworkI am Kickshaw's first horse...and still her favorite. At my "advanced" age, we don't run around like crazies anymore, but I do really enjoy a nice quiet trail ride. Don't get me wrong...if you think you and your horse could beat me in a'd see nothing but tail!!

Training Kickshaw wasn't so didn't take her long to learn that I call most of the shots...there are some shots I let her call to make her feel better. For example, I'll take my jolly ball and drag it across the stall fronts when I'm hungry. If I want to go outside or if I want attention, I'll grab the bars with my teeth...Kickshaw hates that, so it's like an "instant" attention getter :)

Undersaddle, I'm a pretty agreeable guy. Mom used to teach lessons on me, and I took care of 5 year olds and kids that had learning disabilities. BUT - I pick my people! For example, the first time the macho boyfriend rode me I gave a look to my mom to let her know what was going to happen, then I put my nose down to the ground and promptly and swiftly walked back to the barn...not to hurt him or scare him, but to embarrass the heck out of him!

I bite people I don't know just because they aren't expecting it. I think it's funny, even though mom generally disagrees. I know a few tricks...I "smile" give "high fives", and I can rear on command (don't know why mom taught me how to do that, but oh well). I've taught her more tricks than she's taught how to get that pesky belly itch.

Mom never could make up her mind as to what she wanted to do with me, so I have ribbons in HUS, western, and gymkhana. She even used to teach saddleseat lessons on me...glad those days are over!
ActivitiesMostly grazing and napping - along with the occasional trail ride.
LocationKickshaw's barn...I have a run attached to my stall (the only run in the whole place, thank you!)

Favorite FoodIBC Root Beer
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From breeze on 06/04/09
cute and pretty
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