Barn NameFlame
LocationUnited States
OwnerMN Tigerstripes
BreedTennessee Walking Horse

About Flame
ActivitiesRight now I spend most of my time eating or flirting with my buddy Soda. I give the little girls pony rides when they come over and sometimes my girl takes me on a ride. When that happens I do my best to remind her who taught her how to ride and that I've still got it...whatever it is. I'm enjoying my retirement after years of tag, trailriding, and teaching. Brushing and carrots are where its at.
Favorite FoodEverything I can get my mouth on!
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From MangoRoX87 on 12/30/10
He's adorable!!!
From ShadowSpazzz on 09/02/10
Soo sorry about your loss :(
From 22ponygirl527 on 04/09/10
Aww, she's so sweet! Older horses really are treasures! :)
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