Barn NameRicci
Registered NameImpressive Raquel
LocationBellingham, Washington, United States
Age28 years, 5 months old
Acquired06/20/2007 (13 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlaze, Blue eyes
DisciplinesBareback, Bridleless, Classical dressage, Dressage, English pleasure, Pasture Ornament, Pleasure trail riding, Western pleasure

About RicciRicci [pronounced "Ricky"] is a been there, done that kind of girl. She had a very successful show career in Paint shows with her previous owner. With me, we've done mostly pleasure riding and trails. We work primarily on dressage; collecting, bending, and staying balanced. She knows how to shoulder-in and has a decent grasp on haunches in. She is half-retired right now due to a long string of injury after injury, but I'm hoping to get her back into work soon. She's a lovely horse, craves attention but doesn't want to be fussed over. She's a patient ol' girl and she'll have a home with me the rest of her life.
ActivitiesWhen we're in work, mostly dressage schooling and trail rides. She loves a good gallop.
Favorite FoodAlflalfa hay and Berry Good treats.
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From SeeingSpots on 06/16/11
She is gorgeous! Who is her sire??
From BansheeGirl on 01/11/11
What a beautiful horse!
From RandomHorsey on 11/06/10
WOW! she looks alot like my mare Whisper! who is her dam and sire?
From SpiritJordanRivers on 07/18/10
Yellow is definately her color. She's SO pretty
From Domino13011 on 07/13/10
She looks great in yellow! Im trying to get all yellow stuff for my black and white horse too..But im having a hard time finding stuff:(..Shes very cute btw:)
From Delta123 on 03/06/10
very cute
From deuceschinagirl on 01/05/10
I would be thrilled if you would contact me. I was on the all breed pedigree website, looking to to see if my horse has any siblings. Your horses name was one of the named that showed up. So I googled her name and that was how I found you on this site. To make a plong story short, your mare is a full sister to my horse! Please, go to my barn and take a look at china. I just thought it would be cool to see what China's full sister is like. by lookiing at both of them, I can tell they are related. The obvious difference is that your horse is colored and mine is solid.
From rocky pony on 12/07/09
what a pretty girl!! I love her blue eyes and yellow gear =D
From Dartanion on 11/28/09
OMG I love your girly!! She almost has the same markings as D! lol
From kodemiester on 10/15/09
very pretty paint!!
From FoxyRoxy1507 on 10/05/09
Your horse has my name! lol
From kedar my buba boy on 10/05/09
she ia gorges horse i had a horse like that
From LeosAmericanShadow on 09/09/09
i love blue eyes :). what a cutie. and she was born a day before me! haha
From SlickDirtyDancin on 08/13/09
Stunningly beautiful!!!
From TequilaSunrise on 07/23/09
I love the yellow! Not a color you see often on a horse, but I think it suits her coloring well :)
From RadHenry09 on 05/17/09
I love your paint , I am a big paint fan! She is really nice. I have bay tobiano gelding ....
From PhantomHorse on 04/27/09
I like the photo of you putting the bridle on...
From LDblackhorse on 04/07/09
She looks and sounds like a great horse
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