Barn NameJemma
LocationUnited States
BreedQH (foundation)

About JemmaBossy, bossy, bossy. :)
Favorite Foodapples
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From sprinkles716 on 02/03/12
shes beautiful! love her color
From jannette on 09/10/11
whata pretty baby :) and glad to see u have winters like us lol
From jody111 on 06/25/11
gahhh sorry Lovely horses :)
From jody111 on 06/25/11
love the pics in the snow - they are gorgeous - lovwly horses!
From spookychick13 on 04/26/11
Wow, she is a looker!! That color...the muscle...and such a sweet face. /jealous!
From butterflysparkles on 03/13/11
Oh, I'd take her off of your hands if I could! She is a real beauty, especially in the snow.
From baileydawn on 12/29/10
Awesome photos and horse. She looks like she'd do anything for you! :) She beautiful.
From vikki92 on 12/21/10
she is soooo beautiful!!
From SidMit on 12/05/10
Love the snow pics!
From Ayia on 11/16/10
Horses crack me up in the snow its like a whole new world to them! love the pics
From wannahorse22 on 10/30/10
I love the pictures of her in the snow!!
From ridergirl23 on 09/06/10
shes so pretty!! i saw her pic at the top of the page while i was looking at a thread :)
From SpiritJordanRivers on 05/22/10
Aww! She looks SO sweet :)
From QOS on 10/07/09
She is beautiful!!
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