Barn NameSA Zierra
LocationWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Age21 years, 4 months old
Acquired02/20/1999 (21 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlaze
Body MarkingsFlecking or Ticking
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesBareback, Barrel racing, Bridleless, Competitive trail riding, Endurance racing, Gymkhana, Pleasure trail riding, Pole bending

About SA ZierraZierra is a one of a kind horse with a one of a kind personality. She's been with me since she was born, and been amazing me every day since. She's intensely loyal, and very prone to distrusting newcomers. She's extremely high spirited, always racing around the pasture, and yet can be as laid back as they come when riding. I truly believe she enjoys being ridden, she's one of the few horse who walks slower on the way home and tries to pretend she hasn't seen the driveway and keep going! She lives for jumping and galloping, and has a very fierce spirit to her. Luckily, I'm much the same way, so it's just created the ultimate bond! She will be with me until the day she dies, and is my heart, my soul, my everything.
ActivitiesConvinving the herd they need to run for the sixth time today, champing at the bit when she sees a jump, kicking the butts of every cowboy who sneers down at the "little Arab" from their apparently slow as molasses Quarter horses, making angry Arab faces at everyone, drinking out of pop bottles, and being a loner in the corner.
Favorite FoodSour keys
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From Dreamcatcher5 on 12/16/12
Such a sweet horse with so much character!
From PaintedFury on 07/09/11
She is beautiful!
From fuadteagan on 06/17/11
From atreyu917 on 06/16/11
What a beautiful Arab!
From spookychick13 on 04/24/11
I just love her, what a pretty girl!
From QuarterhorseRider on 04/08/11
4 stars
From spookychick13 on 01/12/11
She is absolutely stunning!! I am in love. Brandon is too. ;)
From inaclick on 12/03/10
Zierra is lovely! She has a great little face with lots of expressions, a great way of carrying herself and from what I read about her seems quite a character too!
From Cheyennes mom on 11/07/10
wow she's beautiful!!!!!
From WSArabians on 05/30/09
Beautiful girl! :)
From reining girl on 05/19/09
she is so pretty! that sounds like an awsome bond you two have. she definantly sounds like she wants to be ridden and loves it. what a awsome girl.
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