Barn NameLady
Registered NameIntimadated Skip
LocationNorth Carolina, United States
Age18 years, 4 months old
DisciplinesHalter, Pleasure trail riding

About LadyLady is the mischievous one of the four mares. Always wants to play, steal your tools or your hat, or fiddle with just about anything (has learned to open gates and untie lead ropes). Loves to lope in the fields and go trail blazing, stocky and very sure footed. Being mostly white, almost impossible to keep clean.
APHA registered, "Intimadated Skip". Daughter of our mare, Mandy, and mother of our colt, Buckshot.

Favorite FoodJust about anything, but apples are on the top of the list.
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From Ladywantsahorse on 11/24/13
She's gorgeous!
From HorseGirlFive on 09/17/12
From Palomine on 02/24/12
What a beauty this horse is. Lovely.
From XxthehorseloverxX on 12/22/11
You are lovely! Wish you were in my paddock we could raid the oat bins together... from Lady the Shetland pony
From manca on 12/21/11
She has so lovely markings :) Beautiful mare!
From HorseLovinLady on 11/09/11
She's gorgeous!! I'm partial to paints of course.
From randomrider92 on 10/23/11
Lovely :)
From strawberryfieldsequine on 03/29/11
From OffTheTrack on 10/03/10
Love her!
From equus717 on 09/07/09
she is very pretty i know what you mean about being hard to keep clean cutter is the same way mostly white.
From Whipple on 05/16/09
OMG! I just love her face!
From Walkamile on 03/07/09
Beautiful girl! Good job on the picture taking too!
From acey on 03/02/09
she has really similar markings to my Ace!! Mostly white and all that!! She's lovely :)
From Reese2007 on 11/29/08
I am soo jealous. I want her. She is beautiful.
From omgpink on 09/19/08
She is beautiful!!!
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