Barn NameCinnamon
Registered NameTommy Spekled Supreme
LocationNorth Carolina, United States
Age16 years, 5 months old
ColorSorrel Overo
DisciplinesPleasure trail riding

About CinnamonThe youngest of our mares. Not an aggressive bone in her body and will probably always be the "bottom" horse. Great on the trails and loves to play with our colt. A real lover and will follow you all day if you brush her.
APHA registered, "Tommy Spekled Supreme".
Favorite FoodHappy with just good hay, but has come to love apples and carrots, too.
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From HorseLovinLady on 01/01/12
She's pretty too!
From EthanQ on 11/26/11
my friend has a paint filly named cinnamon who looks almost identical!
From csimkunas6 on 08/09/11
When I first saw her picture....I thought she was my guy Rodeo....LOL....she is gorgeous!!! Love her markings!!
From ButtInTheDirt on 02/18/11
You've got yourself a pretty horse there! Love the sabino coloring, reminds me alot of my mare, Sadie. Except without the weight. They look alot alike!
From darkpaloma on 11/27/10
Great looking mare, I have a stallion that looks alot like her check him out his name is Cochise!
From speedy da fish on 10/10/09
I love the markings on her neck
From equus717 on 09/07/09
she is great looking. my favorite breed used to be qh but now that i own paints they are my favorite. i used to have a horse named cinnamon as well i gave her to a friend of mine but she is raising caddo my pinto stud colt
From HorseOfCourse on 07/26/09
Love the circle marking on her neck! Very unique!
From LeahKathleen on 03/09/09
This girl looks just like my Loot! I'll have to show you pictures of her. :] Pretty horses.
From Skippy! on 03/04/09
GAH! I love Overos like that! That big ol' apron and tall stockings.. mmmmMMmm!!
From omgpink on 09/16/08
She's gorgy!
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