Barn NameIngrid
OwnerNutty Saddler
BreedHungarian sportshorse

About IngridI went to a yard to fit a bridle to a paso-fina , and there was this beautiful chestnut mare in a box . I said to the owner that I would take that one home , she said that I could - so I did.
Only after i had had her about 6 weeks I asked the previous owner what she was , to be told that she was a Hungarian sportshorse.

ActivitiesEating grass
LocationCentral hungary
Favorite FoodLucerne
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From mat on 07/10/09
hello! I saw that you are from Hungary, you are almost my neighbor I live in Slovenia. You have a beautyfull mare Ingrid. I rode one hungarian horse. It was very good for riding alone, but on the cavalry in gallop I couldn't stoped it. whatever, this horses have a warm heart.
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