Barn NameZahlia
OwnerNutty Saddler
Colorgrey ( or white )

About ZahliaSaw her at a dealers yard and felt sorry for her that was 4 years ago

She came with a blown tendon on her near foreleg , and a dogy fetlock on her off foreleg , and would probably be a can of dog food by now if I hadn't have bought her.
She can never be ridden ,has some real trust issues ( nothing nasty ) , appears to be a bit senile and is right at the bottom in the herd status.

Activitieseating grass and being pushed around by every one else
LocationCentral hungary
Favorite FoodLucerne
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From BecArabian on 02/23/11
beautiful horse
From Hagane on 07/24/09
She's pretty. It's so nice to hear you gave her a fair life :)
From ivorygold1195 on 05/29/09
her story is really sad though :'(
From ivorygold1195 on 05/29/09
aw shes really pretty!
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