Barn NameCareless whisper aka Romeo
LocationMinnesota, United States
BreedQuarter Horse
Age23 years, 12 months old
Acquired03/16/2008 (12 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlaze
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesBarrel racing

About Careless whisper aka Romeo Romeo is such a good boy. He does have problems loading, but we are working that out with him.I love this horses so much it isn't even funny!
I got Romeo March 16, 2008.
He HATES loading though. We have tried almost everything we can think of and it still takes about a good 30-45 minutes to get him in the big trailer. We were at the fairgrounds one night until 1:00 am trying to get him in the trailer, and we eventually started walking him through town to walk home, but we got to tired so we called an amazing friend (The one with the big trailer) and came at 1:00 am to pick up the horse and take him home for us...
It is quite funny seeing a horse with a person leading him, a Jeep behind him, a grand am car behind the jeep, and then a truck and trailer behind the car (We had our own little parade because he wouldn't load.) It is funny now, but I was super Pi**** when it happend....

First show of the year: May 31
First clinic of the year: May22

Weighed Romeo 5-8-10 he weighed 900 pounds, I would like to put about 50 more pounds on him.
ActivitiesBarrel racing,
Western pleasure,
Pole weaving,
Speed dash,
Trail riding

LocationCreekside stables
Favorite FoodCarrots!
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From HorseGirlFive on 07/25/12
What a cutie!
From Skyseternalangel on 05/28/12
He's got such a soft demeanor in his pictures.. gorgeous guy!
From horsesaremylife on 11/07/11
He is sooooo handsome!!!!!!
From redvette50 on 10/21/11
A very beautiful horse!!!
From Bugs Bunny on 06/08/11
He is breath taking! (: I love greys! Have fun with him!
From Haylee on 02/21/11
Beautiful Face on this guy!
From Citrus on 10/28/10
Romeo is soooo beautiful and regal looking!!
From paintluver on 05/09/10
Thank you spirit, I love taking pictures, and I have had Romeo the longest, so he has the most pics!
From SpiritJordanRivers on 05/08/10
He's SSSSOOOO cute! I love how you have a million pictures of him :)
From speedy da fish on 02/07/10
ooo, when i click on him i though he was part arab, does he have any arab in his, coz i know some QHs are a mixture like TBs are here (UK)
From Lovehorsesandrunning on 01/23/10
AW Man! your horse iss sooooo adorable!
From eventerwannabe on 12/17/09
I love that purple ear bonnet on him! =] Super cute.
From paintluver on 11/05/09
Haha yeah. he is almost to smart though.... He REALLY knows how to work people =/... Thank you!
From toadflax on 11/05/09
He's a beauty-! He looks almost Arab to me, he's sp elegant. Bet he has the brains to go with his looks too...
From Smarby on 11/01/09
Maww. I love Romeo. (: He's bigger than i thought he was! It hought he was 13hh something. haha. Anyway, he's looking gorgeous.
From paintluver on 09/06/09
Thank you!!!
From drafts4ever on 09/06/09
Gorgeous horse. Great job on his bowing!
From Pidge on 09/05/09
LOL i have a black gelding named Romeo! How odd total oppisites!
From paintluver on 07/22/09
Thank you!!!!!! I Lurve you too!!
From omgpink on 08/24/08
Hi Romeo, it's Abby! You look so handsome! I Lurve you! XD
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