Barn NameHa-Ho Razz
LocationUnited States

About Ha-Ho RazzRazz is a horse that can't stand to have tight reins. She likes to be ridden with the rider's legs and flips her nose is you try riding with your hands. Could possibly be a decent Dressage horse. She loves to run around in pastures and to work, but catching her is a problem.
ActivitiesSaddle seat, huntseat, western training, and maybe jumping.
Favorite FoodGrain
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From lhamilton22 on 10/21/12
She is a beauty for sure :)
From michaelvanessa on 06/18/12
you both look fantastic in the photo you supplyed try takeing an apple or carrot to the pasture when you catch her.
From charlene1985 on 10/10/09
what a beautiful horse
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