Barn NameStella
LocationMichigan, United States

About StellaI got Stella in June, 2007 after my previous mare died at age 24. She needed a lot of work including TLC as she was in very poor condition. (You can see in three of the pictures how thin she was.) I now ride her regularly on our country roads and she has been a dream to work with. Very sweet and gentle natured and so willing to please.
Favorite Foodgrass
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From Skyseternalangel on 01/11/12
Very pretty :) she has the same colouring as my boy
From 3neighs on 03/30/11
Stella thanks everyone for their nice comments. She never gets tired of hearing how pretty she is. :)
From strawberryfieldsequine on 03/29/11
i LOVE her face!
From Gizmo on 03/03/11
She is so... pretty. I am glad you were able to take her in and give her plenty of lovin and meat on those bones.
From Haylee on 03/02/11
Beautiful Face on her!
From snazzydandy on 06/21/10
She is very pretty.. the pictures look like 2 different horses.. she is lucky you found her..
From thunderhooves on 11/07/09
She's a pretty girl!
From 3neighs on 10/30/09
Thank you everyone!
From Appy Luvr on 10/29/09
Very pretty horse!!
From breeze on 06/05/09
she is a really pretty and cute hores
From lb_cake on 05/18/09
What a pretty girl!
From Horsezrule4884 on 02/22/09
i am having trouble downloading pictures of my horses in my"barn" how did u do it?
From Rebelappy on 12/27/08
shes adorable
From 3neighs on 09/07/08
Thanks Arrow and OMG! That head shot is my favorite pic of her. :)
From omgpink on 09/07/08
She is gorgeous! I love her mane.
From Arrow on 08/30/08
What a really lovely horse! Gorgeous head!
From 3neighs on 08/10/08
Thanks for the nice comments! I just love her!
From Rowansgirl on 08/09/08
What a beautiful girl! She looks like a joy to have.
From Kirsti Arndt on 07/25/08
Whinny: you are beautiful-what a face!
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