Barn NameDJ (DJ's Little Bonanza Man)
ColorBuckskin Tobiano?

About DJ (DJ's Little Bonanza Man)DJ is a little gentleman. He's very kind and patient. He had a terrible accident when he was two months old and had to be gelded (pretty much took care of that himself!) so he didn't fill out as much as he should have, I'm thinking.

My grandkids climb all over him. He doesn't know much - hasn't been ridden in a long time - and is a little lazy, but he will sharpen up with more riding. My disabled husband was furious with me when he found out I bought not one, but TWO horses, but fell in love with DJ as soon as he saw him. (Guess it was the blue eyes?) Hubby even wants to ride him as soon as we get a mounting block built.

DJ did stand very patiently while my husband tried so hard to climb on. Unfortunately, hubby just could not get his right leg quite high enough to get on safely. DJ was such a champ. Hubby was working hard on exercises to build up his leg strength and range of motion, and we were hoping to have him mounted this fall of 2010. Sadly, on 10/11/10, someone tresspassed in our pasture and beat our poor DJ to death with something - according to the sheriff, it was either a baseball bat, or more likely a hammer of some sort. We are heartbroken.
ActivitiesEating "cookies" from the grandkids, snuffling hair and ears. Hiding from Scooter (aka Candy's Dixie Boy), the daughter's stallion (just kidding - they're in separate pastures). Poking around when we ride him, and playing in the water trough!

UPDATE: DJ crossed the rainbow bridge on 10/11/10 and is waiting as patiently as ever for my husband on the other side.
LocationAcross the Rainbow Bridge...
Favorite FoodAnything, obviously
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From DressageDreamer on 04/10/12
Oh that is so horrible!!!! I would just die if someone did that to one of my babies. I am so sorry!
From HollyLolly on 07/26/11
Aww, poor DJ, a terrible start to life, then had a lovely life once your lovely owner Dee rescued you, and then some vile person took that away from you. Rest in peace you sweet boy.
From Prairie Sands on 03/24/11
I am insanely sorry for your loss. That is a horrible thing to do someone..
From Rachel1786 on 02/19/11
I'm so sorry for your loss, i can't believe someone could do something so horrible :-(
From KennyRogersPaints on 01/09/11
Im so sorry for your loss, what a beautiful horse.
From Mypaintcanjump on 12/14/10
sorry for the loss
From paintluver on 12/11/10
I am so so sorry for your loss. I hope you all are doing ok. ((HUGS))
From luvs2ride1979 on 10/21/09
He's actually more Overo than Tobiano. Just really loud Overo, with maybe some Tobiano too, which would make him Tovero. No matter the pattern, he is a cutie pie!
From ChevyPrincess on 08/28/09
He is handsome! good for you and your husband. I pray y'all have many safe rides =]
From breeze on 07/31/09
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