Barn NamePatch
Breeddont know lol

About PatchI have had patch since i was 3 and i will never sell him because i love him so much even though he is a little brat. i learned how to ride on him and even though he is small he is the strongest horse or pony i have ever ridden lol so thats really all about patch!!
Activitieshe does everything for me:D:D
Locationat my house
Favorite Foodeverything
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From PaintEqualBlueRibbons on 06/23/15
What a cutie pie!!!
From rangergirl56m on 01/22/10
Aww my favorite little pony! He's so cute!!!
From savvylover112 on 12/28/09
Yeah he did but he is fine now lol :D
From thunderhooves on 12/27/09
Didn't he lose his eye? He is such a cutie! :)
From savvylover112 on 10/23/09
Thank you everyone he is really a brat in real life though lol but I love him :D:D
From Walkamile on 10/22/09
Love this guy!
From themacpack on 08/13/09
Patch is adorable! You two looks great together
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