Barn NameJoyace
Registered NameJoyace Faye
LocationEtowah County, Alabama, United States
BreedTennessee Walking
Date of Birth05/01/1996 (Joyace has moved on)
Acquired11/01/2013 (7 years ago)
DisciplinesBroodmare, Pleasure trail riding

About JoyaceJoyce was rescued on November 1st, 2013. When I got her she was extremely underweight and had burs matted in her mane and tail and fur. She was wormy and hadn't had her hooves done is at least seven-to-ten years. She was pastured with two other mares.

She's hopefully found her forever home with me (unless, for some reason I just can't afford to keep her) and she's fitting in quite well out here. She's no longer starving and is the sweetest little mare. She's a half-sister to my gelding Dakota, but the two really don't get along that well.

Joyace spent the summer at Camp Sumatangaas a camp horse, giving kids their first experiences with horses. She absolutely loved her time at Sumatanga. She was brought home on Sunday, the 24th of April and sadly passed away on Monday, the 25th, after getting into a fight with another horse over the fence and impaling herself on a T-post. She was buried in y backyard on the 26th of April.

R.I.P Joyace Faye.
She will be greatly missed, both at home and at Sumatanga.
Favorite FoodAlfalfa
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