Barn NameZarcodian
BreedSwedish Warmblood
ColorLiver Chestnut

About Zarcodian Very sweet but very athletic, gets a little difficult to handle when he hasn't had enough exercise and is sensitive to weather changes and other distractions. Likes to chew on anything he can get his mouth on. I bought him as a late 4 year old in June 2009. He is a gelding.
ActivitiesShowing dressage (only did a schooling show with me summer '09 as he is in pretty serious training for next summer) working at training level at the moment, purifying his gaits. He also does jumping, but more for fun and variety. he can do crossbars up to 2'6 with ease at the trot and canter but has never seen ground poles or trot poles in his life! His previous owner said he jumped 3 ft at times but we haven't gotten that high. We also go on short 10-30 minute trail rides every now and then, and sometimes I will get on him with a bareback pad.
LocationWA state.
Favorite FoodGrass
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From roro on 05/16/10
Horseycloe: it's Washington state. Thank you everyone for the compliments!
From Teresa on 05/13/10
He is a gorgeous horse! I love his color. XD
From Horseycloe on 05/12/10
Is that WA is an Western Australia, or Washington? I LOVE UR HORSE! He is gorqz! Such a stunning, strong looking gelding :)
From ilovemyPhillip on 04/04/10
Stunning! Love the Gir jacket. :)
From Gillian on 03/13/10
What a handsome boy! :]
From astar27 on 03/12/10
that is a very smart looking horse you are so lucky to have such a handsome looking horse i wish i could have him lol
From BLAZERIVERSONG on 02/02/10
Stunning - very very nice. :)
From rangergirl56m on 01/21/10
He is BEAUTIFUL! I love his color. You are blessed to have such a beautiful boy!
From brookelovesparelli on 01/21/10
Handsome Boy, you've got your self ;)
From MythRider on 01/21/10
Very handsome! He looks like a very nice horse!
From eventerwannabe on 10/25/09
Whoawhat? WASHINGTON! :D That is super cool that you live in Wa took. Lol, done mind me spazzing out. Anyways, I do love your boy though.
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