Barn NameSan Caruso "Espresso"
BreedDutch Warmblood

About San Caruso "Espresso"My first horse. I got him when he was 8 years old. Very forgiving but spooked easily, had pretty big spooks because he was very powerful. He is no longer living, but he left a huge impression on me. He got me through a lot of emotional trauma. I think of my current horse as a gift from him. He was a gelding. Had an absolutely incredible work ethic.
ActivitiesWas trained as an eventer but I worked on dressage with him, my trainer did a show on him at first level test 2 and he got a 72%, first place. I did a smaller show on him earlier that was Training 3, 67%. I could easily jump 3 ft with him and do bounces, he was a natural over jumps and I really didn't have to do anything.
LocationWA. His ashes are in a custom wooden box I have in my study area with a picture and his name engraved on it.
Favorite Foodpeppermints
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From mswp27 on 05/16/10
What a gorgeous guy!!! I'm so sorry for your loss.
From LoveTheSaddlebreds on 02/20/10
Very, very gorgeous. Poor thing, may I ask what happened to him?
From MythRider on 01/21/10
awww I'm soooooo sorry for your loss! He was a beauiful boy! I bet he was well loved!
From Janta on 11/29/09
Hi, Im from holland,my name is janet. San Caruso was born by us, what s happend to him?
From Brighteyes on 11/28/09
Awww... The poor boy! Ten years... Still very young... what happened to him? :(
From jantahorses on 11/24/09
Thats so sad. I am the breeder off that boy .It hurts
From bootybopbinklebeep on 11/08/09
oh wow!! his photos are so beautiful.. what a lasting impression
From Erin_And_Jasper on 10/13/09
thats so sad! RIP
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