Barn NameDon
LocationWest Cork, Ireland
OwnerLobelia Overhill
BreedIrish Draught/Selle Francais/Thoroughbred
Head MarkingsStar
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings

About DonI bought Don at the beginning of May 2009, from the owner of the yard that I've been riding at for about 12 years, he's my second horse.
ActivitiesWas showjumped by his previous owner, and was doing clear rounds at 1m10cm (about 3ft6in) I want to do Dressage, and possibly one day events (combined training) with him
Favorite Fooddon't know!
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From hflmusicislife on 01/30/11
He's beautiful! I love your clip job :D
From fuadteagan on 01/24/11
wow a nice cross breed ya got there i thought he was a saddlebred from the look of his face cause it is big and long and pretty lol
From equiniphile on 12/01/10
He looks so cute clipped!
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