Barn NamePiper-SOLD-
Registered NameChallengin Tradition
LocationOhio, United States
BreedQuarter Horse

About Piper-SOLD-I bought Piper on a whim at a horse auction for $275. I wasn't going to look for horses, just tack. The lady I was working horses for said I could keep a horse there for free since I worked her horses for free. She was at the auction with me. When she said that someone walked Piper in and I bid on her not expecting to get her. I did. Well a month later the lady's husband decided to charge me board. The place was located an hour away from me. So with board and gas it cost me nearly $200 a month and she was in a pasture with cranky broodmares. So I started asking around. Finally I found someone close who is a trainer that said if I help clean stalls 3 days a week and help exercise her horses then I could keep Piper there for $75 a month.

--I traded Piper for Annalie because at the time I was not in a position to have a horse that needed training. She was a nice mare but a little on the lazy side. I do not regret the trade at all. I keep communication with her current owner and get to see pictures of her frequently. She is doing great.

We hadn't planned on buying a horse until we buy a house, but it didn't work that way..
HOPEFULLY-Halter, Western Pleasure or anything that she gets good at
LocationA little run down barn in Ohio
Favorite FoodHay
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From Citrus on 11/03/10
I did not even know she was for sale... I am in love with her gorgeous head!!
From Lovehorsesandrunning on 02/23/10
where was the auction?
From Lovehorsesandrunning on 02/23/10
Piper is adorable! haha oh.ohio.. isnt it such a ...... great.. place?
From CecilliaB on 01/22/10
I just saw your post about Piper in the "Cheap Horse" thread. Honestly think she is just a lovely horse. Price isn't everything and you found a diamond in the rough.
From Erin_And_Jasper on 11/29/09
piper is sooo cute!!!
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