Barn NameWestwood Warrier
BreedIrish Sport Horse
ColorMahgony Bay

About Westwood WarrierGeof is my AMAZING eventer! He is a saint! He always will do what you ask and takes great care of me, even when I do something wrong! He has taught me alot and brought me to love this crazy eventing world! I plan on taking him at least novice if not training before he retires and I have to get a new horse. He was bred and trained in England, then brought over by a girl that ran Pre-Limb with him, but she dropped him before every fence, and scared him mentally out of doing stuff that high. He was shipped off to Buck Davidson, and Buck couldn't get him to do Pre-Limb so I was able to buy him as my starting eventer. I have had him stop at one jump, and that was totally my fault. He is perfect for what I need in a horse! He does get a little nervous in the Dressage, but we are working on that.
ActivitiesHe is my eventer, and I hope to take him to a few dressage shows in the near future.
LocationMy Farm.
Favorite FoodPeppermint Treats
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From Moonieandme on 11/18/10
I simply love the way he jumps!
From SpiritJordanRivers on 08/10/10
He is SO handsome!! Such a cute jumper :)
From IheartPheobe on 02/02/10
he is gorgeous, alex!!
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