Barn NameApache
LocationKentucky, United States
Age15 years, 2 months old

About ApacheThis boy was a orphan foal from a nursemare farm. So his mom was used to nurse a more valuable foal and he was left to fend for himself. We got him from a rescue and had to feed him milk replacer out of a bucket and almost lost him at one point due to foal pnemonia. He's now a big healthy boy that gets into lots of mischief. He was going to be my horse, but my husband has since adopted him as his own! They make a good match as both are very laid back and let nothing phase them.
ActivitiesMainly hacking around the trails with my husband.
LocationIn my backyard.
Favorite Foodanything he can get his lips on
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From chandra on 09/25/12
wow he looks like a lovely horse. Enjoy. :)
From Phantomstallion on 11/06/11
Such a pretty boy!
From Thyme on 10/07/11
Amazing horse!
From HorseLovinLady on 09/01/11
He's gorgeous!!! I have an Apache too.
From coffeegod on 09/01/11
Apache is a stellar example of horsedom. He is such an amazing color! How could anybody NOT want to ride a draft cross??
From tbstorm on 07/03/11
cant believe some poeple! he is so beautiful! love the coloring!!
From trailhorserider on 05/08/11
I can't believe people take a foal away from it's momma like that to nurse another mare's foal. :( But I'm so glad he found you!
From Mocha26 on 11/18/10
That horse is soooooo pretty!!
From PintoTess on 11/02/10
Pretty horse :D
From ShadowFaxIsMyBaby on 03/07/10
He looks so different now then he did when he was a foal but he is absolutely gorgeous.
From SpiritJordanRivers on 06/26/09
Poor little guy, glad he's in a good home :)
From Walkamile on 03/16/09
Love the coloring! Looks like a good boy.
From omgpink on 08/24/08
hehe he is cute!
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