Barn NameItsa easy Aka Cecil
LocationMinnesota, United States
BreedQuarter Horse
Acquired12/20/2009 (10 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlaze
Body MarkingsFlecking or Ticking
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesBarrel racing

About Itsa easy Aka Cecil(Pronounced sea-sul) This is my dads newest horse. He is a 25 year old AQHA gelding, he is a retired gamer that has won 2 state championships in barrels. (Guess who I am gaming next year!!) I don't know much about him, but I am going to be riding him for my dad until my dad gets more comfortable around horses. Cecil is a very calm guy it seems though so I don't think my dad is going to have any troubles with him.
Recently my friend and I went riding, we both rode Cecil (at different times) and he is such a good boy. It is like he has been ridden everyday (He sat in pasture for about a year) and I got on him, stood like a statue, NECK REINS, and he is ALWAYS listening to you!
Here is his pedigree!
He is the perfect babysitter.
Happy birthday Cecil April 28!
Weighed Cecil 5-8-10 he weighed 1,050 I would like to get him to be like 1,100
ActivitiesGaming, eating, sleeping
LocationMy dad's barn
Favorite Food
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From baileydawn on 12/28/11
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