Barn NameIn Denial aka Demi
LocationMinnesota, United States
BreedQuarter Horse
Age16 years, 11 months old
Acquired12/24/2009 (10 years ago)
Leg MarkingsFetlock

About In Denial aka DemiDemi is MY horse! She is officially mine, she lives at Romeo's barn! I am going to start training her in the spring time! I am so excited! She is such a pretty mare. I love her already!
I got her on 12-24-09
Demi was beat by her old farrier, so she is terrified about her feet being touched.
I can finally pet down almost all of her legs (Still a little worried about me going to the back legs, but she is def. getting better!)
Demi got a preg test. She is NOT preggers!
But she might have arthritis in her legs, but hopefully not.

Measured Demi 5-8-10 she weighed 1,030 I think she is at a good weight.

ActivitiesEating, looking pretty
Favorite Food
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From kay56649 on 04/12/12
Hey I am from Minnesota too!! I am in Northern Minesota so we both know what harsh winters are! :)
From Skyseternalangel on 12/03/11
You guys are so cute together :)
From sommsama09 on 11/07/11
Poor girl - so sorry :'(
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