Barn NameSnooker
LocationUnited States
Age14 years, 5 months old
Acquired3/1/2014 (6 years ago)

About SnookerHad a "untrained mini" dropped off at my place with the intent of being a resale project. Supposed escape artist, charged people, would bite, couldn't lead with a simple halter, hates men, etc.

I'm still looking for that mini. Instead she was a pony a bit bigger than expected, very forward moving, and only tried to nip once and after being corrected hasn't tried it again. She can be a little full of herself, but that is one of the things I love about her. She is also now a keeper and is scheduled to go to a trainer's this fall for driving training.
ActivitiesRuling the herd, but eventually driving.
Favorite Food
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