Barn NameGracie
LocationUnited States

About Gracie
Favorite FoodGrass
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From vikki92 on 05/04/11
I love buckskins, very beatiful!
From GoldSahara on 05/12/10
Love all that muscle. I am a fan of the broader horses like her. Oh, and Go Pokes!!!
From Hoofprints in the Sand on 04/08/10
BEAUTIFUL Buckskin! Her build is very similar to my buckskin's actually :-) Maybe they're related hehe! ;-) What's her registered name??
From cayuseranch on 08/12/09
Saw your pics and thought, that kind of looks like Oklahoma (my state) and looked at profile. Hello fellow Okie.
From Velvetgrace on 06/01/09
Thank you.
From LDblackhorse on 04/15/09
Love her colouring, but i really like the muscle tone on her. Nice horse
From Walkamile on 04/01/09
Wow! That is one rugged looking horse! Only 3? Can't imagine what a few more years of maturing is gonna due. Beautiful!
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