Barn NameStars Burn My Eyes
LocationColorado, United States

About Stars Burn My EyesI bought Citrus in January for my child's first horse. He is a doll- he puts his head down low when she leads him. His trot is so gentle that you are not jostled, more like rocked. His lope needs work but I knew that when we bought him. He loves food always, but is not a fan of carrots or mints. He is a fast learner- in the short time that he has been here (Feb 15) he has already learned to pivot and trot in hand. It is so much fun to watch him with my daughter- the bond is incredible and it has only just begun. I am so excited :)
Favorite FoodNot carrots
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From trIplEcrOwngIrl on 12/10/10
He is beautiful! LOVE that face!
From BackInTheSaddleAgain on 09/09/10
Thank you so much for the compliment on my Clydesdale :) I saw a pic of Cirtus and (your daughter?) a couple days ago. I should have stopped by your profile to comment. Citrus is gorgous. She really stood out to me. Beautiful face on her :)
From kim_angel on 08/01/10
What a stunning horse! The face is so expressive. :)
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