Barn NameAnnalie
LocationOhio, United States
Head MarkingsStar

About AnnalieThis is my girl. I love to ride her on the road, heck I just love riding her. I usually go for bigger horses because I'm 5'7 and a bit on the plush side but she fits me so well. Her only problem is she loves to break things such as stall doors, barn doors and gates.
Favorite FoodOats and Apples
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From MangoRoX87 on 09/13/11
She is so freaking adorable!!!!! I'm not sure if I will ever own a haffie, but they are just so stickin awesome!
From csimkunas6 on 08/17/11
Very pretty girl you have there!!!
From Cat on 05/28/11
Love her rich coloring - nice contrast to her flaxen mane. Haflingers are awesome horses.
From vikki92 on 02/16/11
she is very pretty, I myself have a haflinger. they make such great horses!
From lildonkey8 on 01/16/11
she looks like she'd be pretty playful...i got a haffie, check her out in my barn
From rocky pony on 12/29/10
She is just such a cutie. I'm a huge sucker for Haflingers!
From ChloeButler09 on 05/09/10
GorgG!love all that hair!:)
From horseluver250 on 03/07/10
Shes adorable. I love haflingers.
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