Barn NameNightFury*Sold*

About NightFury*Sold*She was abandoned at her boarding facility because the old owners did not want to pay for her anymore so the facility kept her for as long as they could (year and a half) and then couldn't handle paying for her anymore so they posted her for free. I found her and went out to see her immediately she has a lovely personality for not being ridden/loved on in so long and remebers alot. She has a wide chest and big hip for an arabian and has a gorgeous dish face. She loves to run and is wonderful at showing off her hot bloodedness -_- lol

She sold to a awsome couple :]
ActivitiesSoon to be trail/english/western and bareback with some tricks
Favorite Foodcarrots
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From vikki92 on 01/10/12
I used to have a horse named NightFlower lol :)
From Domino13011 on 07/16/10
Good luck with your Barrel racing/gymkhana..:] She's adorable!
From SuprisedLove on 07/01/10
Isn't she just a beauty.!
From southerncowgirl93 on 04/08/10
Such a pretty horse!!
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