Barn NameCinny
Registered NameCinematic Debut
LocationLINCOLN, Nebraska, United States
OwnerCinnys Whinny
Age17 years, 4 months old
Acquired05/01/2010 (10 years ago)
Head MarkingsSnip, Star, Strip
DisciplinesCompanion horse, Dressage, Halter, Pleasure trail riding, Show horse

About CinnyI just bought him "green" and don't have him yet (I get him in May, yay). His previous owner got him at 6 months with his Dam. She sent him for 30 days of training when he was 2 but then put him back out in the paddocks with her other babies and his mom and didn't do much else with him until last summer. She road him for a while with no problems but then he suddenly bucked her off. It's my understanding that he was put back out in the paddocks and never ridden again.

ActivitiesPlanning on starting him from the beginning and working back up to riding. He has a sweet eye with that "I want to please you, tell me how" look about him. I'm hoping to make him an all around pleasure horse....english, western, trail maybe throw a little lower dressage at him and see what happens. Maybe when my son is old enough to ride he may be able to use him for 4-H, we will see what happens.
Favorite FoodSugar Cubes
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From livelovelaughride on 10/24/12
Pretty boy! Good luck with your new trainer, sounds like a good match!
From HorseGirlFive on 09/29/12
Beautiful boy~
From pastrychef on 02/19/12
Your horse is beautiful. The name caught my attention. I owned a horse named Cinny, short for CinMakesSix for 18 years.
From Barrels4Lyfe on 08/18/11

From hrsrdr on 11/13/10
What a pretty boy! Good luck with him!
From LoveStory10 on 07/03/10
He's beautiful!!
From Pro on 04/10/10
He has a beautiful color.
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