Barn NameEzra
BreedThoroughbred (OTTB)

About EzraEzra is my first horse. He is an OTTB, born in Ireland in 1997 and last raced at Yavapai Downs in Arizona in 2001. He's been woefully underfed since at least last August, and since given to me on 5-10-2010, we've been doing our best to pack on the groceries.

The people who gave him to me never bothered to research his lip tattoo, and thought he was 22.
ActivitiesEating, hand grazing, eating.
LocationIn his paddock, peacefully coexisting with the chickens and goslings (though sometimes the goslings don't realize it).
Favorite FoodCarrots
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From IcePony on 07/03/10
woops, He lol
From IcePony on 07/03/10
Shes gorgeous!!
From SpiritJordanRivers on 05/22/10
AWWW! What a cutie :)
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