Barn NameMinnie
Registered NameMinnie Blue Hawk
LocationEtowah County, Alabama, United States
Age28 years, 6 months old
Acquired04/01/2015 (6 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlaze, Chin spot
Body MarkingsWhite hairs, White spot
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesPleasure trail riding

About MinnieMinnie, in the past, was used as a camp horse before being sold when she became arena-soured. She then belonged to a man who she learned she could scare and intimidate and he'd just leave her alone. She belonged to him for four years before being donated to Camp Sumatanga for our Equine Program that started up in 2014. Earlier in 2015, our Executive Director, Hospitality Director and I sat down to talk about the Equine Program and it was decided that, because she can be so unpredictable in an arena, Minnie was considered a 'liability' to the Camp and I was asked if I wanted her, to which I immediately said 'yes', because Minnie has always been my favorite Camp Horse.

I took her, but a few months later I had to rehome her due to financial problems. She went to a wonderful man a few counties away from me who uses her in his lesson program, where she is doing great!
Favorite FoodHorse Cookies
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