Barn NameMaestro
Registered NameMaestro
LocationWashington, United States
Acquired06/19/2015 (5 years ago)
Head MarkingsMealy muzzle
Body MarkingsWhite hairs
DisciplinesTrick horse

About MaestroMaestro is a unique horse. He's retired now, but led an active life on a carousel in Mexico. He is a character who seems to enjoy sticking out his tongue at people. Like, all the time.

For his color, I'd say he's a true gray. Or grey, however you prefer to spell it. By true gray, I mean he's the color of pewter (with some white and black mixed in), not what appears to be white. Darn it, it bugs me when people call a white horse 'gray'. I don't care what color his skin is, if his hair is white then to me he's a white horse!

Anyway, Maestro seems a little confused as to his heritage. He was born in Mexico, but the saddle he always wears has a Viking head peeking out from behind it. I've figured him to be a very, very rare Hispanic Norse Horse, a newly registered breed. As far as I can tell, he is the big brother of Mi Chica, my other Mexican carousel horse.
ActivitiesJust like his little sister Chica, Maestro isn't very active anymore. He mostly stands guard in the living room, giving the occasional ride to my roommate's cat Scooter.
Favorite FoodOnion rings and licorice ropes
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From FoxRidgeRanch on 09/26/15
Dang I wish I had bred one of mares to him he's gorgeous! About how tall does he stand at full leap? lol
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