Barn NameWantley Wildcard (Wildey)
LocationUnited States

About Wantley Wildcard (Wildey)Wildey is the girliest gelding ever! He hates stepping in mud, and refuses to pee anywhere but super long grass so he doesn't splash his feet! he's a little speed demon, especially when chasing cows/sheep (his favourite activity!) and is super fast for his size. He's really friendly and always tries hsi hardest for his rider, and has been ridden by so many different riders, from teaching kids to ride, to pony rides for toddlers, to teaching a mum of two how to do mounted games! I've owned him since he was 5, and he taight me msot of what I know. He dotes on my dad, and will follow him around all day. he is a total wuss, and the only time he ever gets cranky at the otehr horses is when were on a ride, because he knows they can't retaliate, the sneaky bugger! He is my baby, and he definately has a forever home with us, despite many people offering to take him off our hands.
ActivitiesChasing cattle/sheep, mounted games, A little jumping/dressage/ODE's, Has done quite well at a few arab shows/open shows, done a little polocrosse, and lots of trails! Has ridden through the maccas drive through on many occasions!
Favorite FoodAnything with molasses
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From Hunter65 on 05/01/10
Such a cute face! You should put more picts up
From SunriseNorth on 01/13/10
Wildey, you're so cute! ;]
From SallyRC123 on 12/21/08
Wildey looks like the pony version of my mare, Candy! Check her out at my barn. Hehe - exact same colour and face markings [=
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