Barn NameDuchess
Registered NameBC Blackburn Lady
LocationUnited States
BreedQuarter Horse
Date of Birth02/14/2002 (Duchess has moved on)
Acquired04/28/16 (4 years ago)
Head MarkingsStar

About DuchessA little aloof, but she has been coming around since I got her. She has to be one of the smartest mares I've ever come across. Didn't know much about anything outside of leading and loading into a trailer when I bought her. Took her only a couple days to learn lunging and standing for fly spray and a day to desensitize her to saddle. She is really sweet and laid back, so so-far, no mean mare problems outside normal bickering.

Prince and Sebastian are absolutely best friends with her, which breaks Smoke's poor little heart because he loves mares and yearns for her, but she'd rather be with the other boys or by herself.

She really is a sweety and triple registered.
ActivitiesSadly, Duchess has foaling complication late April, 2017 and lost the foal and had to be put down two weeks later due to severe vaginal tears, cellulitis, and peritonitis. She would have had a huge, gorgeous classic cream champagne colt (solid) with a cute little star. In loving memory of them both.
Favorite Food
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