Barn NamePreacher---SOLD
LocationUnited States
BreedQuarter Horse
ColorRed Roan

About Preacher---SOLDPreacher is an 8 year old grade red roan QH gelding. He is built for english/western pleasure. Nice slow animated trot and lope. Very pretty movements. He is green and needs some work before I would call him completely broke. He will not canter for me but I have seen him canter with his old owner. Maybe it's my saddle. When I got him he wouldn't take a bit, wouldn't go anywhere near a clipper and hardly stood for the farrier. He wouldn't ride by himself and he didn't know any cues. Now he will take a bit, I can clip his nose so far, stands ok for the farrier but still needs a little work, will ride by himself as long as you let him know you won't let him get away with taking you back to the barn, he knows how to yield his hindquarters and give to the bit. He is a very pretty horse but I don't like how slow he is. He does fine in a stall, ok with other horses, dogs and goats. He leads, ties and lunges. Has done join up and had him down on the ground while I rubbed him all over. He is a willing and quiet horse, learns really quickly. With four kids I don't have time to finish him the way I would like. He does make an awesome trail horse. Just put him behind another horse and you don't have to worry about him. Not spooky. Walked him around the neighborhood without a problem. Was used as a trail horse before.

--I traded Preacher for Arabella with the same peope I traded Annalie and Piper with. They wanted a red roan, I wanted something a bit more broke. He has since been sold.
LocationNew Lebanon, Ohio
Favorite FoodCarrots
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