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About Nope - SoldNope is our first horse. She was a birthday present for our daughter when she turned 18 last year. We named her that because the joke was we knew we'd ask if she'd fed the horse that day and she'd answer with: Nope.

Have you ridden her lately? Nope.

Are you paying the farrier this time? Nope.

She was short, fat, and cranky.

Now she's just short and not as fat. Not as cranky. But that's because unbeknownst to us and her previous owner, a friend of ours, she had been bred. She was carrying a foal.

Oops was born in February, much to our surprise and chagrin.

Update: June 1, 2017

We sold Nope several weeks ago to a young lady who is a barrel racer and is pregnant. She wanted a smaller, calmer horse to ride during her pregnancy.

Being horse-heavy, we sold her for a mere $400.00 because we wanted to help this young lady out and were acquainted with her somewhat. The proviso was if she ever grew tired of her and wanted to sell her, we'd buy her back and she promised to give us first right of refusal.

24 hours later, the young 'lady' had her on Facebook and Craigslist for sale at $1800.00 and as a bomb proof kids horse, had taken pictures of her with someone's little girl hugging her nose and laying on her, and claimed to have her coggins and to have owned her for years but simply didn't have the time for her any more.

She refused to sell her back to us for what she paid, even after only 48 hours of having her. I even offered to pay for any feed she might have been fed while there. We were forced to call her out on Craigslist and Facebook, which is drama I don't like to engage in, and to this day, she's not been able to sell the horse. She's lowered the price repeatedly, and still has her. No takers. Nope is NOT a kid's horse. She is NOT bomb proof. She likes to rear up, be defiant and aggressively so. She's a sweet horse, but has her moods... but she's no kid's horse.

Sadly, we have not been able to reacquire her.

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From JoBlueQuarter on 03/29/18
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