Barn NameTili RIP sweety
LocationKentucky, United States
Date of Birth (Tili RIP sweety has moved on)
ColorFlaxen Chestnut
Head MarkingsBlaze

About Tili RIP sweetyWe just got Tili tonight! (9/15/10). When she was born she got a naval infection and somehow it messed up her hips, so her legs are a little messed up. I don't know very much about her yet, but I will be updating this!

RIP Sweet girl. We will miss you
May 2011
Favorite Food
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From myhorseriesen on 08/25/11
i am so sorry for your loss she seames like such a sweet girl.
From lildonkey8 on 06/15/11
Ahhh, so sweet! RIP Tili...:)
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