Barn NameTi
Registered NameTianna
LocationVirginia, United States
BreedPercheron/Quarter Horse

About TiTi thinks she is a puppy dog, she will follow you around the field, she loves attention and loves getting pet. She is usually the one of the first ones to get into mischief, knocking down electric fences, swimming across the pond to get to the neighbors "greener" grass, but she has worked her way into our hearts with her adorable personality. She is also a cute mover and does really well with me in dressage.
ActivitiesEating, Exploring, Swimming, and Training and showing in dressage
Favorite Food: Any and all food lol
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From loveBradforever on 12/10/10
Perchon/QH, thats a beautiful breed! you lucky duck lol
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