Barn NameSheena
Registered NameVanillaBean
LocationMaine, United States
BreedArabian/Welsh Pony
ColorLiver Chestnut
Head MarkingsBlaze
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings

About SheenaSheena (VanillaBean) is a great all around pony who is very foward and loves to work. She has taught me so much and i couldnt ask for a better mare!!! she loves cross country most but isnt really into dressage. We went to our first Beginner Novice horse trial this year and got second. ONE point off of first. I was so proud of her.

Her worst quality s Headshaking Syndrome. It makes every ride a challenge and so frustrating.

ActivitiesJumping, Eventing, Trailriding, Dressage, Hunter Paces
Favorite FoodGummy Worms!!
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From Gallop On on 06/08/12
So... I was looking at Jerseys barn, and her and Sheenas face mark are like... REALLY simular!!
From Gallop On on 03/05/12
Wait, I said "photos" but I meant *photo*
From Gallop On on 03/05/12
Why, of course Im not stalking your horses ;) but I LOVE her breast collar thingy on the last photos! And what a stunning horse she is (:
From BlueEyedBeauty on 11/15/11
Gorgeous girl!
From Chestnuts73 on 11/07/11
Completly stunning
From Cheyennes mom on 09/01/11
From Gidget on 05/25/11
very pretty face!
From Can He Star on 05/06/11
Very pretty
From saskhorse on 03/16/11
She is such a beauty...
From RedTree on 01/25/11
aww thats a shame :( at least you got more pics up now, she is gorgeous
From JackofDiamonds on 10/25/10
She is really pretty.
From VanillaBean on 03/05/10
haha, our old comp crashed so we lost everything that was on it...thats why theres only 1 of her =(
From RedTree on 03/05/10
more pics haha :)
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